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目前产品有:一体式全焊接球阀、埋地式全焊接球阀、放散球阀、天然气球阀、等。产品口径:DN15- Dn1400;工作压力:1.0MPa-6.4MPa;工作温度:-196 ℃—+550℃。 材质:碳素钢、合金钢、耐热 钢、不锈钢;操作方式:手动、齿轮、电动、气动、液动等。主要产品满足ANSI、API、EN、BS、DIN、 ASME、ISO等不同领域和国家的相关技术标准,产品应用于石油、化工、天然气、热力、船舶工业、电力 、制药、冶金、食品、军工、建筑工程等行业。


众信阀门在科技不断进步、国际化程度不断加强的今天 、愿与新老客户,精诚合作,共同发展!

Wenzhou Zhongxin Valve Co., Ltd. is located in wenzhou city, wenzhou longwan valve coastal zone in China. One-piece is set research and development, production, sales and service professional manufacturer of full welded ball valve. Advanced production equipment, perfect supporting. And the use of advanced production technology and technology, international quality assurance and control process, as well as advanced production operation management. Ensure product qualified factory. At the same time also get the general new old customer consistent high praise!

The products are: onepiece full welded ball valve, buried type full welded ball valve, tossing the ball valve, gas ball valve, etc. Product size: DN15 - Dn1400; Working pressure: 1.0 MPa to 6.4 MPa; Working temperature: 196 ℃ to + 550 ℃. Material: carbon steel, alloy steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel; Operation mode: manual, gear, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc. Main products meet ANSI, API, EN, BS, DIN, ASME, ISO, and other areas of the different and relevant national technical standards, products used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, heating, shipbuilding, electric power, pharmacy, metallurgy, food, military industry, construction engineering computer are various.

Adhering to the quality strives for the survival, innovation for development, sincere business philosophy, for customers to complete processing equipment and advanced technology, complete testing means and quality assurance system, customer resource management system, full implementation of all customer information, comments and Suggestions are carefully classification, archive, and answer, and regularly on statistical analysis, so as to promote the establishment of the new product information, product quality management, as well as the concept of zero distance service for the general support to create value.

All the valves in scientific and technological progress and continue to strengthen internationalization today, is willing to work with new and old customers, sincere cooperation, common development!